Body centred, land based medicines
that honour and respect 
the wisdom
the body.
Empowering health, wellness, and self-directed living
with respectful, collaborative relationship,
Acupuncture and Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy.

Hello, my name is Jennifer Apedaile.

With gratitude, I acknowledge that I am a settler honoured to be

living, working collaboratively and learning to be a good guest

on the unceded (occupied) territories (tribal regions) of the Coast Salish,

Nuu Chah Nulth (New chan lulth), Kwakwak'wakw (Kwak wak ya wak), 

Stl'atl'imc (Stat liem) and Nlaka'pamux (Ing-khla-kap-muh).

I am grateful for my TCM teachers: Dr.Yin and Dr.Hu

and my Five Element Acupuncture teacher: Neil Gumenick

I raise my hands with sincere gratitude to my IFOT teachers:

Shirley Turcotte and Alannah Young

and to the Elders who support me in a good way.


I am a woman, sister, mother, and a child of this earth. 

I long to live in the wild places, of which there are few.

I continue to grow with and learn from

the trauma I experienced throughout my own life.


I am deeply committed to empowering health and wellness,

prioritizing individuals and communities who live with the impacts of trauma.

Classical Five Element Acupuncture and Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy

are some of the tools I use to help support folks

through the exploration and discovery of

their own capacity to heal and live a self-directed life.

It would be an honour to work with you.




 Constitutional acupuncture that supports the body, mind, heart and spirit using acupuncture points to access the body's energy,

 restoring balance and wellbeing.


Learning the importance of honouring

our body’s wisdom.

Learning how to make space from the collective and the vicarious. 

Valuing our implicit connection to the land.

Discovering the medicines each of us

and the territories around us carry.

Empowering healing in our daily lives

and in our communities. 


Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy

honours every individual

as their own territory with their own medicines.

It is rooted in the Land and helps us

to honour the wisdom of our bodies

and find our way home.


Indigenous Birth Worker

Empowering connection to our innate

body wisdom and wellness.

Deeply supporting and caring for the physical,

mental, emotional and spiritual well being

of every birthing person

before, during and after pregnancy.



to book an appointment

please contact

jennifer apedaile

registered acupuncturist

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