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Why returning to wholeness?

Returning to wholeness is a recognition and acknowledgement that all things are interrelated.
Everything in the universe is part of a single whole.
Everything is connected in some way to everything else.
It is only possible to understand something if we understand how it is connected to everything else.
Disharmony within one individual is essentially everyone's disharmony.
It is important to look for and respond to, the complex interactions between all things; human and non human. Internally and externally. Seen and unseen. Mind, body, heart and spirit.  
By understanding the fundamental principle of Wholeness, we acknowledge all of the many pieces and parts of so many lives that have been and continue to be taken, stolen, hurt, dishonoured and shamed through genocide, colonization, residential school, sexual abuse, patriarchy, and corporate greed.
Our lives continue to be  powerful acts of reclamation that honour and welcome back the pieces and parts of ourselves that we hid, gave away, dismissed, kept secret and denied for good reasons.
As we continue to reclaim ourselves from the daily consequences of trauma, we are empowered by the many strengths, skills, medicines and resources that we have access to, within us.
I am in awe of the power, the strength, the resilience and the love that fuels our lives... and the lives of those that we work, play, heal and learn along side.
All my relations.
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