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Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy
The body knows its way home...
Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy is an important Land based tool that helps us be with ourselves in a curious and friendly way.
A curious and friendly attitude makes space to explore our relationship with whatever may show up with our felt sense. 
When there is space to experience our felt sense, there is massive opportunity to gain new perspectives.
Practicing a curious and friendly attitude with ourselves and with what whatever may show up, is an important part of reclaiming our health and wellness.
Focusing on our felt sense and honouring the wisdom of our body, supports our healing journey without having to talk about it or get caught in the story.
You are your own territory with your own medicines.
During an IFOT session no one will put their medicines on your territory.
This empowering experience attunes us to the wisdom of our body.
It reminds us that we are sovereign of own body, our own life, and within our community.
It helps us to be responsible for and accountable to our relationship with our body, our life and our community.
Any medicines can to show up to help...
At some point your felt sense may call in medicine. That medicine will be there for you throughout the session and at any other time you agree to allow it to help you. Your medicine could be an animal, a body of water, a place that you know well, an ancestor or a plant. It could be a song, an Elder, a dream or a ceremony.
Any time, past, present or future can be in the room to help during an IFOT session.  
These medicines come to support you, the collective, or your family that is in need of them. They can be called up any time after the session, and are yours to work with any time. 
Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy empowers the reclamation of lives.
Lives that have carried the debilitating impact of genocide, patriarchy, colonization, residential school, government sanctioned violence, inexplicable loss, neglect and abuse.
Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy helps us to create space within our bodies, hearts, and minds. It supports the release of the things that are not ours. Things that were picked up at one time to be helpful, that have now become a burden.
IFOT helps determine where to put the the weight of the grief and the sorrow, the pain and the despair of the generations, down in a good way, in an honouring way.
It helps us remember our power to heal ourselves and to live healthy, self-directed lives. 
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