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Innate Wellness 


Childbearing person centred care


Honouring your innate wisdom 

personal authority

and the sacredness of pregnancy,

birth and postpartum wellness


Warm Welcome... please feel free to get comfortable as I introduce myself and the resources I am able to offer you and your family as you prepare to grow and welcome a new life into this world, and/or process the complexities of a chosen or an unexpected end of a pregnancy.

I approach birth with the belief that our bodies are physiologically designed to birth babies… and that our bodies carry the innate wisdom and knowledge of time immemorial to support our birthing process.  I also believe that babies know how to be born.


I believe that birthing takes time and that this powerful and life changing experience requires patience and trust in yourself and your body. 


It is important to remember that when a new baby is born, a new mama is born too.


I believe that it takes a community to support you and your baby during the postpartum time; Warm food, warm space, respectful healing touch and being seen in a kind loving way is integral to the health and wellness of you and your new family.  


I value my authentic lived experience of being a mother, an auntie, a sister, a practitioner, and a warm, loving, respectful, culturally safe, trauma informed woman of 49 years.

I care deeply, and provide nurturing, grounded, respectful support throughout your pregnancy and postpartum time.

I am kind, strong, gentle, confident and professional. 

I am committed to providing a safe enough space for you to experience your innate health and wellness, and to feel empowered in your experiences.

It is my privilege to offer my support with :

  • menstrual cycle health

  • fertility

  • pregnancy

  • miscarriage

  • abortion

  • home birth

  • hospital birth

  • postpartum care

  • blessing way

  • closing ceremony

  • grief ceremony


I provide the following birth work care services:

     Perinatal Care

  • Connection and building relationship and trust

  • Empowering the building of your community

  • Birth planning/empowerment

  • Postpartum planning 

  • Honouring personal authority and sovereignty

  • Access to resources/education

  • Acupuncture/Acupressure

  • IFOT

  • Massage/body care

  • Phone support

  • Homeopathic/herbal remedies

  • Support and empower connection with body and ancestral wisdom

  • House cleaning/organization/preparation

  • Food prep/groceries

  • Accompany you to visits with midwife/doctor appointments

  • Witnessing

  • Advocate for and support any preparation for all cultural and spiritual wishes/needs

     Birth Support... hospital, c-section, home, water, free, miscarriage, abortion

  • Presence

  • Holding space

  • Witnessing

  • Cultivating safety/protection

  • Sensation support and encouragement

  • Breathing and voice cues

  • Advocating/honouring/respecting informed consensual choices

  • Homeopathic/Herbal remedies to support birthing person's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing

  • Acupuncture/Acupressure

  • IFOT

  • Empower connection with body and ancestral wisdom

     Postpartum Care... honouring the transformative time after any and all pregnancies.

  • Presence and connection

  • Honouring vulnerability 

  • Lactation support

  • Emotional/Mental/ Spiritual Support

  • Placenta processing

  • IFOT

  • Advocating

  • Cultivating safety 

  • Witnessing

  • Requesting community support and resources

  • Support with transition into (co) parenting

  • Herbal remedies

  • Meal prep/groceries

  • House cleaning/organization

  • Holding baby during self care

  • Massage/body care

  • Closing ceremony

  • Birth story recording/sharing/processing

  • Counselling

I stay by your side for as long as it takes for your baby to arrive earth side. I focus on you and your needs with your informed consent. I work collaboratively with you, your midwife, doctor, nurses and family to ensure the safety and wellbeing of you and your baby.

I facilitate blessing way ceremonies, which honour the interconnectedness of you and the folks in your community who love and support you through this time of deep internal focus.

Blessing ways honour your Ancestors, the Land, Waters, and the Medicines that support you on every level.

I am registered with the Doulas for Aboriginal Families Grant Program (DAFGP). This program provides up to $1000.00 for Doula services. In addition, travel and accommodation expenses are covered as long as funding is available.

I am available to stay with you or in your community for up to 7 days before due date and up to 7 days after due date for a total of 15 days. I also understand that babies come when they arrive, and I strive to be there to support you when ever that is. 


I respect the privacy of you and your family and hold in confidence all information shared throughout the course of service to you.


I do not perform medical tasks such as taking blood pressure, checking fetal heart tones, providing vaginal exams, catching babies or providing postpartum clinical care. Further, I will not give medical advice or diagnosis, perform clinical procedures or administer medications, with the exception of extraordinary circumstances where I may be required to follow the directions of a medically trained professional.

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